Child Molestation & Exploitation

Exceptional Results in Your Best Interests

When you are charged for molesting a child who is under fifteen years of age, you need knowledgeable attorneys who know the defenses available to you. But our experienced Arizona child molestation defense attorneys at the Law Office of The Kaiser Law Group will work aggressively to get you the best solution you are entitled to while helping you maintain your integrity as a person.

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Over our forty-five years of experience in criminal defense on sex crime charges, we have successfully handled the following:

Child molestation. Our Arizona child molestation defense attorneys are known to have skillfully achieved favorable results for our clients charged with child molestation. We have handled cases with Child Protective Services (CPS). Whether you have been arrested for allegedly making sexual advances towards a minor under fifteen or for allegedly having sexual intercourse with a child or for statutory rape, we can effectively devise a defense plan for you, including the use expert witnesses and mistake as to the age of the respective child.

Sexual exploitation of a minor. Being charged with having sexually explicit depictions or portrayals of a minor child on the Internet or on any other printed form can bring you harsh consequences that will limit your liberty and business endeavors. If you are charged with child pornography or sexual exploitation, we will help you resolve your case in the most expeditious and favorable manner possible.

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We are known to have effectively defended some of the most notorious sex crime charges involving minors under fifteen years of age.