Flagstaff Divorce Lawyers

Protecting Complex Assets And Family Businesses During Divorce

During marriage, couples work hard to build their assets and provide for their families. Most people who face divorce have two main concerns. They're worried about child custody matters and whether they'll be able to protect their assets.

At The Kaiser Law Group, we're committed to helping our clients protect the things that matter most. Our divorce attorneys in Flagstaff offer clients throughout Northern Arizona nearly 80 years of combined experience. We know what to expect at each step of the process, and we can help you prepare.

How Do Sedona Attorneys Determine Property Division?

Some people think that dividing assets during divorce will be as simple as making two piles of the assets the couple owns and letting each spouse pick a pile. In reality, it's more complicated than that. In Arizona, assets that are acquired during the marriage are considered community property and are divided equitably between the two spouses.

Many assets, however, would lose their value if they were divided. When families have large or complex assets, we help our clients understand their options and the short- and long-term ramifications of any choice. We also work closely with business attorneys to help ensure properties and businesses are properly valuated, including:

  • Family-owned business
  • Vacation property
  • Rental property

When you contact our firm, one of our lawyers can help you understand how the specifics of your situation will play out in the legal system. To learn more, schedule your initial consultation online or by calling 800-678-8974.