I’ve studied laws in and around Flagstaff for a while now. Being a legal student in the area, it made sense to get a local perspective. But lately, I’ve wanted to broaden my scope a bit. I decided to reach out to a criminal defense lawyer in Detroit because Detroit feels like a foreign city in a faraway place. I know nothing about Detroit and I wanted to pick this lawyer’s brain.

I hoped this lawyer could tell me more about some of his experiences as a personal injury lawyer in a large metropolitan area. Instead of giving me a sample of cases he had worked on, he told me about one case he had worked on recently that had left a large impact. 

Defective Products in Detroit

Detroit has a lot of car manufacturing plants. These plants are responsible for creating car parts, testing those parts, and distributing those parts to consumers throughout the world. When one car part is defective, it can injure hundreds of people. The manufacturer may face lawsuits for any damages that result from the defective product.

Although most product malfunctions happen once a product leaves the manufacturing plant, there was an incident in Detroit that resulted in tragedy. As a car part was making its way down the assembly line, it malfunctioned and injured five people. Usually, workers compensation would cover these people but the timing in this incident was terrible. The injured victims were school children who had been touring the facility.

A Unique but Necessary Case

All five children survived the accident, but they suffered severe injuries from the mishap. After seeking medical attention for their injuries, they went to a lawyer for justice. The lawyer explained to me how unique this situation was. He represented all five children in a class action personal injury lawsuit against the automotive manufacturer. 

Although the manufacturer took responsibility, it was a complex case and required a lot of time to settle on the amount of money that each child deserved. I was intrigued listening to this story because although it was out of the norm, it made me excited about personal injury law. It proved that not all personal injury cases involve squeezing the most money possible out of an insurance company.

Sometimes, lawyers must really fight for justice and represent victims in dire need. I may be studying law in Flagstaff now but I hope one day I can work in a large city like Detroit and take on high-profile cases that serve a greater purpose. 


Angie Edwards

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