One strategy I planned to research for this blog is how personal injury lawyers across the country are maximizing settlements for their clients. Understandably, everyone hopes to receive the most money in a settlement when hiring legal representation and putting their time, money, and effort into a lawsuit. An attorney with demonstrated experience in winning large settlements will likely get more future clients than others in their area.

One South Carolina personal injury lawyer I spoke with delivered solid advice on how he gets the most out of his client’s claims. He said, “I fight hard for each of my clients because I care about their happiness. My success is equivalent to theirs, and I won’t settle until I know I’ve done everything possible to maximize their claim. I provide facts, strong arguments, and clear demands in court.” 

Identifying All Liable Parties

When speaking to an attorney in my hometown of Flagstaff, one specific strategy I learned was to identify all liable parties in a case. To ensure that an attorney identifies all liable parties, it’s important that they investigate. 

For example, a client may recover a substantial settlement in a car accident lawsuit by suing a negligent driver, but the settlement can be increased if it’s discovered that a defective airbag caused more significant damages. Here, the client could expand the lawsuit and sue the car manufacturer for damages as well. 

Assessing Every Damage Suffered

All lawyers should take the time to assess every damage suffered in an accident if they hope to increase their client’s settlement. When considering economic damages, attorneys should assess medical expenses that have accumulated, but also take into account future medical expenses that their client may face. They should also include property damages and lost income from any time away from work.

When considering non-economic damages, lawyers should assess every way that the accident has affected the client’s overall lifestyle. Pain and suffering after an accident can be significant and so can emotional distress. Clients can also claim loss of enjoyment of life, loss of consortium, and scarring and disfigurement as non-economic damages in personal injury settlements. 

Never Settling for Less than Their Clients Deserve

It’s most important for lawyers to stand up for their clients in every case and know what each client deserves. When an insurance company tries to offer their client a settlement, experienced attorneys can guide their clients toward a more deserving offer. If the defendant tries to negotiate before trial and their offer isn’t good enough, a confident lawyer will remind their client that a trial can result in more money.

Maximizing settlements is what makes personal injury lawyers good at their jobs. Having this specific skill drives many attorneys to choose civil law over criminal law. I think it’s interesting to hear these various strategies and learn how each one helps injured victims obtain the justice they deserve. 

Angie Edwards

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