While studying for my law degree in Flagstaff, I’ve tried to keep up with local legal news and happenings. Whenever an accident takes place nearby, I quickly run to my computer and research details about what happened. Did injuries occur? Who was at fault? I’m always intrigued to hear if a criminal or civil case will follow.

Last month, the news became interesting (yet traumatic) when a local resident from Flagstaff was injured in a severe car accident while visiting California. The victim was around my age and she had driven to Orange County for Labor Day Weekend to celebrate the holiday.

California natives often call us Arizona folk “Zonies.” The term is short for Arizona, but it’s more of a slang phrase for outsider. I found out about the car accident after seeing a rather insensitive headline come across my social media feed. It said, “Zonie Injured in the OC.” I didn’t waste my time clicking on the article. I headed to a more authoritative news site for more information.

Details of the Crash

I quickly found details of the car accident on an Orange County news website. The woman’s name was Catherine and she had been driving up I-5 when a tractor-trailer jumped the median and hit her head-on. She suffered spinal damage from the crash and was paralyzed from the waist down. Her life would never be the same. 

After seeking medical treatment, her damages were significant. Not only were her initial medical expenses outrageous, but her expenses would continue on for the rest of her life. Because she knew she wasn’t at fault for the accident, she hired a lawyer from Kohan & Bablove, LLP to file a civil lawsuit against the truck driver’s employer.

The Settlement

After an investigation, the lawyer discovered the truck driver had fallen asleep at the wheel. The truck driver suffered minor injuries in the crash but would make a full recovery. Thankfully, the truck driver had a hefty insurance policy under his employer. This allowed Catherine to receive the maximum settlement she deserved for what she went through.

Reading about this case was devastating to me. This woman was my age and I could have easily been in her shoes. But this case also made me realize why I’m in law school. My goal is to help victims like this recover as easily as possible. I know money doesn’t heal everything, but justice must be served. When justice is served, the physical and emotional healing process can be more manageable. 

Angie Edwards

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